Creating a Nigeria of Opportunities

We are bringing fast and affordable internet access to places where it is either not available or unaffordable

The Problem

More than half of Nigeria’s Population lack Internet access. And there are two major challenges preventing the expansion of internet access to the unconnected areas of the country.

  1. Capital Costs of Installation
  2. Making it affordable for the unconnected.

How Beeptool is solving this problem

 BeepTool is bringing an innovative technology that offers faster and cheaper internet access capable of covering entire communities.

The BeepTool service requires minimal local infrastructure, cancelling out installation cost—and delivers high-speed satellite Wi-Fi hotspots—at an affordable prepaid plan.

Our solutions

How Beeptool Community Internet Works

 Community residents buy pay-as-you-go internet from a local BeepTool reseller, allowing them to connect to our satellite internet network through a local Wi-Fi connection.


Providing equal access to the digital economy.

We’re not just providing internet services, Beeptool makes sure these services are used to transform the lives of the underserved.

Connecting families and local entrepreneurs

Connecting families and local entrepreneurs, giving access to quality education, helping rural businesses grow, reducing the cost of rural healthcare, streamlining government services and facilitating rural growth.

vision for the future

Applications of Beeptool Rural Connectivity solutions


 Now every child can get the education they deserve, no matter where they are. We Provide Free access to over 40,000 formal and non-formal educational resources.


A platform to connect farmers to the market. Delivering fresh produce in a timely manner to any city in Nigeria.


A TeleHealth platform connecting patients in urban and rural Nigeria to doctors for remote diagnosis and prescriptions.


A mobile payment app that interconnects all Nigerian bank accounts and billing systems to deliver instant remittance services to Nigeria from anywhere in the world.

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 Do you want to help connect your community and make money while at it?