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We help you create a successful and unforgettable event experience by providing a seamless and reliable internet connection.

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Beeptool Event Wifi Hotspot

 Run a seamless event and gain more publicity when visitors check-in or post on social media directly from your event.


The Beeptool Event Wifi Hotspot is budget-friendly and delivers high-speed, unlimited internet connection regardless of your event’s venue.

Allowing 100+ uninterrupted, high signal connections even in rural and remote areas.


Reliable Internet in all Event Locations

Deliver superfast, high-signal internet in your event even if it is held in remote areas.

Affordable and Unlimited data plans

You don’t have to burn holes in your pocket to organize a successful event.

Save up to 90% on costs and get unlimited data throughout your event.

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Seamless Connection across Multiple devices

 Connect up to 100+ guests concurrently at high speed.

24/7 on-site technical support

Get a detailed report of data usage in real-time

Barrier-friendly, high-speed internet connection

Connect +100 users

Fast and Easy Installation

Available for use in remote areas

In the event of a disaster…

We make a difference by providing free internet connectivity in strategic locations to aid communication and rescue in disaster-stricken areas.