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Reliable and timely connectivity to aid disaster response teams

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When communication fails

When disaster strikes, saving lives and containing the spread⎯ is of utmost importance. This makes communication key to disaster management. But what happens when the power lines are out, radio towers destroyed, and the primary means of communication fail? Internet connectivity becomes the sole means of managing disaster response efforts.

Best Place To Order Tramadol Online Instant messaging and Voice/Video call is the new shout for help.

Emergency responders need the Internet to find trapped occupants.

Order Tramadol Online Legally Social media can be used as a means to disseminate information to affected people.

The internet can be leveraged to save lives and property.
NEMA records over 60 disasters in South-South in 8 months

Our solutions

Beeptool Emergency Wifi Hotspot  We deploy quick, reliable and effective connectivity solutions in emergency situations.

Timely deployment

Reliable connectivity

Up to 100 connections

Flexible to changing conditions

Supports emergency IOT

Unlimited usage

Disasters in Nigeria over the years

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