Connecting the excluded community with effective learning

Now every child can get the education they deserve, with Free access to over 40,000 educational resources.

Available in areas without internet connectivity Over 15 Nigerian Languages

Built for the unconnected community. Accessible to all.

There are over ten million children in Nigeria without access to quality education. All because they are unconnected, they live in inaccessible areas, or they lack much needed educational aids.

Coupled with our connectivity products is a free technology, which provides access to thousands of educational resources for every age grade.

From educational games, simulations and storybooks for kids. To quality videos, books and materials for every aspect of education in the Nigerian curriculum.


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Are You a Business Owner?

 Gain attention, publicity, loyalty, customer referrals and increase revenue growth. For more than half the price your business currently spends on data plans. How?

Gain access to Beeptool’s cheap, fast and reliable internet. Allow community access to the free education technology that comes with it. And be known nationwide for supporting thousands of children in getting quality educational aids.


No data? No problem.

You never have to worry about data consumption. We provide special processes that packages online learning materials to be taken offline.


Accessible on any device

The library runs on as many devices as possible, including our low-cost Oyi-1 smartphone which costs #500.

This allows for people in the poorest of areas to be able to access quality education.


Education for Every Learning Need

 Beeptool Library covers both formal and non-formal learning. Enabling academic and real-life growth for all age ranges.


Our solutions

How Beeptool Community Internet Works

 Community residents buy pay-as-you-go internet from a local BeepTool reseller, allowing them to connect to our satellite internet network through a local Wi-Fi connection.


Our Partners

Prepare for every exam

Failing exams is no longer an option. You can now access JAMB, NECO and WAEC past questions and answers for free!


vision for the future

For teachers: Organize Your own library of digital resources

Upload new materials into our server

Get access to thousands of teaching aids

Track your students’ growth


The BeepTool Rural Digital Library software is installed on the BeepTool CDN and delivers content to the client devices through the BeepTool Rural Community Wi-Fi Hotspot Network.

Are you ready to go digital with Beeptool? Join us in Bridging the Educational Gap in Nigeria.