Connecting the Unconnected and Excluded Community

We provide Connectivity Solutions and Digital Services to Rural and Remote Areas in Africa

" Did you know that there are over 73 million unconnected, low income earners in Nigeria? they lack access to good education, health care, finance, transport and communication system "

73 million


these are some of our connectivity poducts

Integrated Satellite & TV White Space WiFi Hotpots Terminal

Rural Community Satellite WiFi Hotpots Terminal

Multi-Band Integrated Satellite Terminal

TV White Space Broadband Radio​​

TV White Space IoT Radio​

Rugged Outdoor WiFi Access Point ​

Abole 4G Tablet

Oyi-1 Smartphone

Affordable Internet Connectivity for Everyone

Save up to 90% on costs compared to wifi, cabling bills, and more.
Perfect for low-income earners, schools, churches, clinics, businesses,etc., in rural and developing areas.

Super Wifi. Connect on the Go

Connect entire villages, communities, schools, parks, clinics, and businesses with long-range, lightning-fast internet.

Pocket Friendly. Budget-Friendly

Beeptool Abole tablet and Oyi-1 smartphone is affordable for everyone — even low-income earners. Giving them access to information and essential apps to make their lives better.

Free and Effective Learning

Every child can get the education they deserve, with Free access to over 40,000 educational resources.

Digital Aggregated Services

We provide app-based solutions on Our affordable Devices. Designed to provide low-income earners access to services capable of making their lives better.

Lafiya App

A TeleHealth App Connecting patients in Rural Nigeria to doctors for remote diagnosis and prescriptions.

M-Naira App

A mobile payment app that connects all billing systems to deliver instant payment services to Nigeria from anywhere in the world. Learn More…

Ogleji App

A platform connecting farmers to the market. Delivering fresh produce in a timely manner to any city in Nigeria.

Beeptool App

A mobile app allowing you to send and receive messages, calls, photos and videos. We have over a million users since launched!

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