Connecting the excluded and unconnected communities

We provide Connectivity Solutions and Digital Services to Rural and Remote Areas in Nigeria

" Did you know that there are over 73 million unconnected, low income earners in Nigeria? they lack access to good education, health care, finance, transport and communication system "

73 million

Affordable Internet Connectivity for Everyone

Save up to 90% on costs compared to wifi, cabling bills, and more. Perfect for low-income earners, schools, churches, clinics, businesses,etc., in rural and developing areas

Super Wifi. Connect on the Go

Connect entire villages, communities, schools, parks, clinics, and businesses with long-range, lightning-fast internet.Our Satellite and Integrated TV White Space technology provide Super Wi-Fi in un-served and under-served areas to boosting the digital economy in Nigeria and Africa.

Pocket Friendly. Budget-Friendly

Beeptool Abole tablet and Oyi-1 smartphone is affordable for everyone — even low-income earners. Giving them access to information and essential apps to make their lives better.


Integrated Satellite & TV White-space Wi-Fi Hotspot Terminal

Multi-Band Integrated Satellite Terminal

Remote Outdoor VSAT terminal

TV White Space IoT Radio